Apple Has Published It’s New Update: iOS 13.2.3

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Since iOS 13 has published, Apple has continued to publish new updates frequently. Now iOS 13.2.3 is boomed. With this very comprehensive update, Apple corrected many bugs. The update also includes some improvements.

This update, which has just been added to Apple’s customary update series, seems to be the most comprehensive of all. This update was released about 10 days after iOS 13.2.2.

As it is known, Apple is releasing the iPadOS update simultaneously with iOS. In other words, you can also download the update if you are using an iPad.

Issues solved with iOS 13.2.3

Issues solved with iOS 13.2.3
  • The search app will now work consistent with some apps (Mail, Files, Notes).
  • The issue about getting new messages and quotations through Mail application is fixed.
  • With this update, applications can work and download content in the background. (An issue preventing this has solved.)
  • Apple fixed an issue about visibility of photos or various attachments in the iMessage details.
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